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About Us

Aja C. Duncan, MA, MFA, CPCC

Aja is an expert in lifelong learning and enacting positive change. She integrates psychological, organizational and creative development methodologies to serve clients’ whole lives: their careers, social impact, relationships, health and wellness, and artistic endeavors. 

For the last ten years, she has focused primarily on adult learning and development and organizational effectiveness. Her particular areas of expertise are diversity management, leadership, change initiatives, and creating high impact teams. Aja supports both individuals and organizations in expanding their influence and increasing their impact.

Aja holds an master of fine arts (MFA) in creative writing from San Francisco State University and a masters in Policy, Organization and Leadership Studies from Stanford University. She is a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) and published author. She writes an ongoing series of profiles about exceptional managers for the University of California, San Francisco's online magazine.

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