Limitless Life & Leadership (Coaching and Consulting)                                                                                   c u l t i v a t e  a n  e x t r a o r d i n a r y  l i f e

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Path 

As a leader, your greatest strength lies in your authenticity. The practice of leadership coaching is designed to help you root into your authentic style as a leader and advance your influence and efficacy. Specifically, coaching supports you in:

  • developing clarity about your strengths; 
  • deepening your awareness of, communication with, and relationships and connections to others; 
  • emboldening your vision and defining your strategy;
  • advancing your capabilities and influence.
To ensure the most effective outcomes, we use a variety of assessment tools, including style assessments, MBTI and 360 degree feedback reviews. 

For a free copy of our Self-Directed Mentoring for Development & Advancement Workbook, please click on this link: Mentoring_Workbook.pdf
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